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Hockey Song

by | Jan 1, 2018 | Tis' The Season

Hockey – Jane Siberry

Today, I want to talk about Hockey, not the sport, but Jane Siberry’s Hockey song.  Winter time and the frozen river, Sunday afternoon.  They’re playing hockey on the river, Rosie  Hockey is the 3rd track on her 1989 album called Bound by the Beauty.  A few weeks ago, as I was writing about Joni Mitchell’s song, River, another song about ice skating, on a frozen river, came to mind.  It’s funny how songs, with shared settings, can paint such a vivid picture in our minds, and yet have such different messages and meanings like Hockey song.

In this Hockey song, the scene that Jane Siberry paints with her lyrics can be felt.

You can imagine the frozen river and feel the cold, snow, and ice.  It seems like you can hear the puck being hit with the sticks, and see the kids, and the game, complete with camaraderie and tension.  Due to the mention of Jean Belliveau and Maurice (Rocket) Richard I had to look them up and find out who she was talking about.  She incorporated history and a bit of trivia for Canadian Jeopardy.  Yet, the song imparts a much deeper substance than just an afternoon hockey game, at least it does for me.

Hockey tells of a run of the mill, cold Sunday afternoon complete with kids and dogs.

It’s not the usual lazy Sunday afternoon.  Rather, an afternoon filled with so much activity.  It’s hockey with rubber boots used as goal posts, and that sweater you got from a catalog.  She depicts a normal winter’s day.  With this in mind, I know it’s those kinds of days that stay with you for the rest of your life.   You just don’t realize it at the time.  Jane Siberry compels you in such a vibrant way to make sure to make the most of what feels so commonplace.  She gently implores the listener,  “Don’t let those Sunday afternoons Get away get away get away get away Break away break away break away”.

This is just a song about kids and a hockey game. Yet, it’s so much more. This Hockey song has the power to reminds me not to let ordinary days just pass by unclaimed and unnoticed.  It makes me want to sit up and take notice of the seemingly mundane moments of everyday life.

As children, we don’t always realize it when living in the moment is happening, and memories are being made.  Yet, when we get older, and we roll back those vivid days of games played and what seemed, at the time, like everyday activity, we recognize what was really happening.  This wonderful Hockey song serves as a grand plea to never let the seemingly ordinary and familiar get away from us.  LIVE in EVERY moment.


Winter time and the frozen river, Sunday afternoon
They’re playing hockey on the river, Rosie…!
He’ll have that scar on his chin forever
Someday his girlfriend will say, ”Hey, where…?”
You might look out the window… Or not
You skate as fast as you can ’til you hit the snowbank
(that’s how you stop)
And you get your sweater from the catalog
Ah, walking home, Rosie…!
Don’t let those Sunday afternoons
Get away get away get away get away
Break away break away break away break away
This stick was signed by Jean Belliveau, 
So don’t f***in’ tell me where to f***in’ go
Ohh oh Sunday afternoon
Someone’s dog just took the puck
He buried it. it’s in the snowbank
YaYa..Your turn
They rioted in the streets of Montreal 
When they benched Rocket Richard, it’s true
Oh, don’t  let those Sunday afternoons
Get away get away get away get away
Break away break away break away break away
The Sun is fading on the frozen river, the wind is dying down
Someone else just got called for dinner, Rosie! 
Hmmm Sunday afternoon

Bound by the Beauty – Jane Siberry

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